Animal cruelty filmed in Cartagena

Posted on May 1 2014 - 7:58pm by Today News
Animal cruelty Cartagena (Still: El Universal)

WARNING: This video may be distressing to some readers.

A recent video filmed by onlookers revealed the cruel treatment of  a horse pulling the popular carriages in Colombia’s top touristic destination of Cartagena.

The video dated April 21 depicts the poor handling of a distressed horse by its owner within the Colonial zone of the popular Caribbean city — a practice that occurs almost daily, according to animal advocate Patricia Jaramillo, Vanguardia newspaper reported..

Jamarillo, who witnessed the scene said that “They [the owners] don’t give them food or water, and they use the downtown streets as public toilets and get fined,” Pulzo news reported.

Horse-drawn carriages are a popular way to see the Colonial centre of the city, however, the horses are sometimes held under very poor conditions and — as the video published by El Universal newspaper depicts — are forced to work even when they are visibly exhausted.

The video shows the horse repeatedly falling over with members of the public explaining the situation both to the coachman and the passengers. The scene ends in an altercation between an onlooker and the coachman, which was broken up by a police officer.

According to Jaramillo, the coachman threatened her and took out a sharp weapon to make her leave.

“He told a person who works with me last night: ‘you’re in big trouble. We’re gonna take care of that’,” she said.

Last month the Colombian Environmental Secretary announced that mistreatment of horses will result in arrest and fines due reports of malnutrition and poor treatment of horses used throughout the country.

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