‘Vile murders’ of police must end: Colombian President

Posted on Apr 9 2014 - 6:08am by Rico
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The Colombian President spoke out on Tuesday condemning Colombia’s oldest guerrilla group, the FARC, for their recent attacks on Colombian policemen.

In the past week, three policemen have been subject to fatal attacks by the FARC in different regions of Colombia, a fact which prompted President Juan Manuel Santos to state that “The offensive continues, the offense is strengthened. We will not lose a single millimeter or pause for a single moment the offense of fighting all criminals, all manifestations of crime.”

Three policemen and two soldiers were killed in guerrilla actions by alleged members of the FARC this week.

The first event took place on Monday night in the department of Cauca, southwest Colombia, when a police patrol was ambushed by suspected FARC guerrillas with the death of the police officer being caused by explosives hidden in the surrounding area.

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A further two policemen were killed on Tuesday and one wounded in an armed attack near in the jungle department of Caqueta, southern Colombia as the police patrol moved in to rescue to a FARC prisoner.

According to the police commander of Caqueta, Colonel Jose Baquero, the ambush was perpetrated by members of the 15th front of the FARC.

On the attacks, President Santos said they “died as heroes of the country doing their duty. I once again condemn these vile murders which are a product of this senseless war we are determined to finish.”

“This are heinous murders which deserve the condemnation of all Colombians, we send to the family condolences.”

So far in 2014, 14 police officers have died in attacks by the FARC

President Santos gave his speech in Medellin, where a further 1000 police officers are to be stationed in an attempt to crack down on paramilitary activity.

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The FARC is the largest and oldest rebel group in Colombia and is currently engaging in peace talks with the Colombian government in Cuba.


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