Peace talks rush to finish 3rd agenda item on illicit drugs

Posted on Apr 29 2014 - 7:38pm by Today News
Peace Talks

As the peace negotiators from Colombia’s government and the nation’s oldest and largest living rebel group, the FARC enter their sixth day in the 24 cycle of dialogues without an agreement on the subject of illicit drugs, the teams have begun working double workdays to finish this point by the end of May.

The plan is to announce an accord on illicit drugs before Colombia’s presidential elections approaching on May 25, according to radio station Caracol Radio.

The negotiators have reportedly started working double workdays in order to achieve their goal.

Already, the government and the FARC have come to agreements regarding the sub-points of illicit drug consumption, prevention programs and pubic health, as well as crop substitution programs and environmental recuperation plans for the areas affected by harmful practices such as aerial fumigation, according to local media.

Though the inner workings of the dialogues are highly confidential, it appears that there is only one more item to address: the solution to production and commercialization of illicit drugs.

MOREText of deal between Colombia’s government and rebel group FARC to end armed conflict

After concluding this point ideally before the end of May, the negotiators hope to again skip discussing demobilization, and move on to the topic of victims of the armed conflict.


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