Help us publish Colombia Reports’ book: Invest in Colombia

Posted on Apr 1 2014 - 3:58pm by Rico

Colombia Reports is planning on publishing a book on investing in Colombia. We want to ask you to help us make this happen. Here is why.

We believe foreign investment can play a key role in the development of a country. One of the most important things for investors is access to accurate information. This information allows businesses to assess the possible success and risks of their investments. We believe this information is still lacking in Colombia and we believe we can change this with our book, Invest in Colombia.

MORE: Colombia Reports’ Book: Invest In Colombia

With the book, Colombia Reports wants to help investors capitalize on one of the six most promising emerging “tiger markets” in the world today. Invest in Colombia will explain how to mitigate the risks and challenges that cripple other foreign investors in Colombia, and will provide expert analysis into:

  • Real estate markets
  • Legal systems
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Industry markets (including technology startups, franchise and textiles)
  • & more.

However, without money we will not be able to do this. Extensive investigations like this one are expensive to carry out; They include paying journalists and the production costs of the publication. This money has to come from sponsors and from people who believe in Colombia.

If you commit as little as $14 you can pre-order a book. If you donate larger amounts you can even become a year-long member of our Board of Advisors.

Our crowdfunding page on Indiegogo has more information on the different incentives we hope will convince you to help us.

MORE: Colombia Reports’ Book: Invest In Colombia

We believe we can actually increase investment into Colombia. We also believe we can remove impediments for investors, allowing them to invest in Colombia more successfully; be it in real estate, stocks, startups or oil and mining.

However, we can not do this alone. Your help is essential. Let’s make this happen.

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