English language newspaper launches in Bogota

Posted on Apr 16 2014 - 4:05am by Today News

Colombia News – Bogota recently saw the launch of a bi-weekly English language newspaper, written “by ex-pats for ex-pats,” aiming to offer both comprehensive events listings and provide an introduction to important national topics in Colombia.

Emma Newbery, managing director of The Bogota Post, told Colombia Reports Monday that the cornerstone of the bi-weekly newspaper is the entertainment section, with listings of local events, night clubs, entertainment and cultural activities. The Bogota Post launched its first edition on April 3. 

The newspaper also includes three pages of news, exploring a variety of national issues for readers who are frequently unfamiliar with Colombian history, culture, and politics. The first print edition featured an article on the dismissal of Bogota’s former mayor Gustavo Petro, and discussed “what [the dismissal] means for democracy in Colombia,” said Newbery.

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of this paper is a section devoted to language acquisition, for both Spanish and English learners, which utilizes its own articles for context-based learning. “Phrasal verbs with Petro” broke down the featured news article in order to explain a confusing aspect of English grammar.

The Bogota Post currently has 3000 copies in circulation, printed bi-weekly and distributed in popular ex-pat haunts throughout Bogota. Eventually, Newbury told Colombia Reports, The Bogota Post team hopes to release a weekly newspaper.

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