Culture travels through a mobile library in Central Colombia

Posted on Apr 1 2014 - 9:03pm by Rico
La Carretera Biblioteca (Photo: Facebook La Carretera Biblioteca)

Abdias Vargas, a retired teacher from central Colombia, and his sociologist son Julian celebrate two and a half years traveling with their mobile library. The father and son’s desire to make education more accessible resulted in, the “Carreta Biblioteca” mobile library. The library consists of a trailer with a small colorful hut, designed to carry books, videos and other educational materials. The home of the Carreta Bibliotecaria is in the town of Ramiriqui, but travels the entire department of Boyaca.

Vargas Jr. told Colombia Reports his idea emerged when “After traveling through other countries in South America I realized that there is a big emphasis on culture in countries like Bolivia and Ecuador.” The father recalled the school’s newspaper he worked with in Bogota, Carreta Bibliotecaria. Their conversation resulted in this altruistic project.

The mobile library delivers education and culture to both children and their families. “We don’t need to call the children to come and see the library. They run to us as soon as we arrive in a place,” Julian said.

With no governmental support, Carreta Bibliotecaria relies upon the support of friends and other supporters.

The father and son are also working on new projects. The pair plan to open permanent libraries, strategically located in places where children pass through to go to school. “There will be no restrictions on books, we’re working on confidence,” Julian said.

This mobile library is a platform for learning and cultural exchange. “My biggest satisfaction is that children and farmers are learning through our library,” Vargas confessed.



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