Colombia’s VP to meet UN chief over human rights

Posted on Apr 3 2014 - 1:23pm by Rico
Vice President Angelino Garzon (Photo: Vicepresindecia)

Colombia’s vice-president, Angelino Garzon, said Thursday that he will meet with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon next week to discuss the human rights situation in the South American country.

Garzon has penned an open letter announcing that on Tuesday he will meet the General Secretary of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon to reiterate the commitment of the Colombian government to the defense and promotion of Human Rights.

The vice-president also stated that he will meet with the UN Chief of Staff Susana Malcorra.

The meeting will be held during the 47th session of the United Nations’ Commission on Population and Development in held from April 5 to 9 in New York.

The session will run from the April 5 to 9.

The director of the Presidential Program on Human Rights and International Law, Alma Bibiana Perez, and Colombia’s ambassador to the UN, Maria Emma Mejia, will also be present alongside Garzon.

The United Nations Commission on Population and Development is responsible for monitoring the progress of the International Conference on Population and Development which was held in 1994 in Ciaro, Egypt. This meeting will assess the implementation what was agreed prior and whether the pledged commitments were upheld by the States, including Colombia.

“On the principle that undertakings, both national and international, are to meet them. In this case the commitments to women, non-discrimination and the terms of sexual and reproductive health should be under constant review – especially human rights and the progress of Colombia,” said the vice-president.

Garzon added that his mission in New York was to defend Colombia’s commitment to the Cairo agenda which was to create a comprehensive human rights policy.


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