7 tons of cocaine seized in Cartagena

Posted on Apr 9 2014 - 4:18pm by Rico

Authorities in Colombia pulled off one of the country’s largest cocaine busts in recent years, seizing seven tons of cocaine in the northern Colombian port of Cartagena, local media reported Wednesday.The Colombian Narcotics Police only finished weighing the Cartagena drugs, hidden in containers with pineapple pulp on Wednesday morning after the seizure on Tuesday.

In 2014, Colombian authorities have confiscated almost 30 tons of cocaine so far, 13,000 kilos of which have been found in ports, already exceeding 2013 port seizures.

The latest drug seizure in a port was two weeks ago in Santa Marta, where two tons of cocaine were found in a container.

In February, investigators for the Prosecutor General in cooperation with the Colombian Navy seized 74.8 kilos of cocaine leaving the Caribbean port of Cienaga.

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