6 guerrillas ‘neutralized’ in southern Colombia: Ministry of Defense

Posted on Apr 1 2014 - 3:58pm by Rico
(Photo: Colombian army)

The Colombian Ministry of Defense on Tuesday praised national security forces for the offensive in southeast Colombia that killed six members of the FARC, the oldest rebel group in Colombia.

The six FARC  members were reportedly killed by Colombian military contingent code “Task Force Pegasus,” which has been active in the Nariño state on the Pacific coast where Tuesday’s attack took place.

The task force attacked the Daniel Aldana Mobile Column on the banks of the Guise River, in the Tumaco municipality of Nariño .  The Ministry of Defense said the bodies have not yet been officially identified but claims that a guerrilla leader  under aliases “Sneider” or “Morocho” was likely among the dead.  Known FARC members alias “Fabian,” “Leonardo” and “Cristian” or “Camillo” are also suspected to be among the fatalities.

These guerrillas have been linked to recent attacks on Tumaco security forces, one of which left a Colombian soldier dead.

Task Force Pegasus is part of the military’s “Sword of Honor Campaign” which the Ministry of Defense said aims to “dismantle drug trafficking organizations through heavy blows that affect the economic bases and combative structure of terrorists.”

Four FARC members in another southwestern Colombian state, Cauca, were reportedly captured with over 100 pounds of cocaine, El Espectador newspaper also reported on Tuesday. An additional four guerrillas from the 25 Front of the FARC were taken prisoner in the state of Tolima, immediately west of Cauca, according to El Espectador.

The state of Nariño has witnessed some of the highest levels of violence in Colombia in recent years.  In addition to the FARC presence, drug trafficking gangs descended from paramilitary groups are active in much of the state.

The FARC and the Colombian government have participated in formal peace talks since November 2012. The next round of talks are set to begin on Friday.


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