2 policemen killed in alleged FARC ‘targeted killing’

Posted on Apr 4 2014 - 9:37am by Rico
Two police officers dead after explosion

Two policeman were killed in southwestern Colombia early Friday morning, allegedly by elements of the FARC rebel group, the country’s largest, reported national media.

Officers David Laverde and Johnatan Ortiz were on patrol in the early morning, traveling between their local police station and an outpost in the Jambalo municipality of the southwestern state of Cauca, when when they were attacked by gunfire and grenades, according to National Army statements.

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General Cabra Wilson, commander of the Army’s “Apollo” Task Force, announced that the attack “was not an act of hostility toward the [civilian] population but a targeted killing,” according to Santa Fe Radio.

The mountainous Jambalo municipality is said to maintain an active FARC presence, but no official evidence has been presented confirming the rebels’ involvement. The FARC has not taken credit for the attack.

The double homicide comes as ongoing peace talks between the Colombian government and the guerrillas recommence in Havana, Cuba.

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Though the parties have been negotiating continuously since November 2012, no ceasefire was declared prior to the start of talks, and both sides have continued aggressive offensives against the other.


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