Uribe also victorious in Bogota, Santos’ turf

Posted on Mar 10 2014 - 1:03pm by Rico
Alvaro Uribe in Bogota (Photo: EPA)

Former president Alvaro Uribe’s Democratic Center (Dentro Democratico – CD) party was particularly successful in Bogota, home territory of his political rival, President Juan Manuel Santos.

Bogota’s votes in House election



% of


Democratic Center 317,898 17.34% 5
Liberal Party 191,395 10.44% 3
Green Alliance 164,403 8.96% 3
U Party 160,103 8.73% 2
Democratic Pole 129,094 7.04% 2
Radical Change 100,052 5.45% 1
MIRA 82,805 4.51% 1
Conservative Party 63,014 3.43% 1

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Uribe’s party received 317,898 (17.34%) of the House of Representative votes and in turn received 5 seats of the chamber’s 18 seats reserved for the capital district.

The Liberal party came in second with 191,395 (10.44%) and third went to the Green Alliance with 164,403 (8.96%) votes give the two parties 3 seats each.

The U Party, Santos’ own and currently the biggest party in the Senate, reached no more than 8.73% of the votes in the capital. The party of another prominent Bogota politician and Santos’ running mate in May’s presidential election, German Vargas, received only 5.45% of the Bogota votes in an apparent rejection of the local political elite.

The Senate vote in Bogota was even more successful for Uribe’s party. The party received 373,798 (20.27%) of the senate votes nearly double the amount of the Liberal party in second (11.12%).

Bogota lies within the state of Cundinamarca which has 7 House seats assigned. The CD gained one seat in Cundinamarca as did Colombia’s Liberal and Conservative parties.

Current president Juan Manuel Santos’ U party gained 2 seats with 112,298 (15.27%) along with the Party for Radical Change 116,025 (15.77%).

Bogota is a strategically important locality for the elections  with a total registered electorate of over 5 million (over a third of the 2014 turnout). Uribe and his team will no doubt look to use their newly gained congressional influence as a platform to promote Ivan Zuluaga, his party’s candidate for the presidential elections which begin on May 25th.

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