U party senator says Santos should end peace talks with FARC

Posted on Mar 18 2014 - 11:18pm by Rico
(Photo: Colombia's peace delegation)

A Senator from President Juan Manuel Santos’ U Party called on the head of state to end peace talks with guerrilla group FARC after the rebels allegedly killed two police officers in southwestern Colombia, reported El Espectador newspaper.

“If I were president, I would have broken off the talks in Havana [Cuba],” Senator Aurelio Iragorri Hormaza stated following the discovery of two bodies in the state of Nariño, on Tuesday.

The two police officers, identified as Major German Mendez and patrolman Luis Felipe Muñoz, were reportedly kidnapped on Saturday after finalizing tasks and dialogues in the community of San Vicenter, near the Tumaco municipality.

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The victim’s corpses were discovered by a river in the township with gunshot wounds to the head that indicated the two had been executed.

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“I’ve been somewhat skeptical of the success of the peace talks because the talks are not preserved when the rebels continue to commit atrocities like those in Tumaco,” the Senator said, who is the father of the current Minister of Interior, Aurelio Iragorri Valencia.

So far the FARC have not taken responsibility for the death of the two police officers.

If the allegations of the group’s involvement are proven correct, the rebels will be in violation of their commitment to end their practice of kidnapping.

The current government peace talks with the FARC, Colombia’s oldest armed rebel group, have been ongoing since 2012 in Cuba and seek to end the 50-year civil conflict that has plagued the country.


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