President kicks off re-election campaign in Bogota

Posted on Mar 7 2014 - 9:14am by Rico
Campaña Reelección Juan Manuel Santos

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos began his official re-election campaign Thursday in the Colombian capital of Bogota, according to national media reports.

Joined by his running mate German Vargas Lleras in the city’s Kennedy district, Santos presented a rough, 10-point outline for his ”Bogota Pact,” a policy proposal for a city the president said ”seems to have lost its way,” reported W Radio.

Not to be confused with the Pan-American Union’s 1948 American Treaty on Pacific Settlement, also known as the Pact of Bogota, Santos’ plan would reportedly cover a wide range of social and economic issues facing the city, including health, education, housing, security, infrastructure, resource management and environmental issues.

The highlights of the proposal, as outlined Friday, include a “high-quality integrated health system” in the capital as well as a focus on making school a “reality” for those children that do not have access to education.

Infrastructure and transport will also be one of the primary concerns for the citizens of Bogota who have been protesting in the last week over the state of the public transport system.

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Bogota is seen as a pivotal voting district for presidential elections, this year scheduled for May. Santos, the consistent frontrunner in national polls, announced his candidacy some time ago, but did not register officially until this week.


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