Leader of synthetic drug distribution ring captured

Posted on Mar 26 2014 - 6:28pm by Rico

The head of the largest synthetic drug distribution ring in Colombia who was also a leading member of an armed-group, was arrested on Wednesday according to the Colombian national police. 

Hector Castro, alias “Hector Largo”, who is a member of the armed group Los Urabeños and controls the largest synthetic drug distribution ring in Colombia, has been captured by the Colombian police in Pereira, central-western Colombia.

Castro, also known as the “Tsar”, was also wanted in connection with a number of homicides in the department of Valle de Cauca, western Colombia.

According to the authorities, the synthetic drugs were manufactured in Cali in rudimentary laboratories before being distributed nationwide. Such a basic operation was a worry to the authorities as the make-shift methods meant that the chemical compound of the drugs often varied, making them dangerous and their effects unpredictable. 

The drugs in questions are highly addictive and each dose would cost between $60-$70.

The drugs are synthetic as they are produced purely from chemicals, not from plants such as is the case with marijuana or cocaine. The synthetic drugs are therefore much more dangerous as they dramatically alter chemical balances in the brain and both their potency and effects are hard to determine.

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In Colombia there are reportedly more than 230 forms of synthetic drugs, 130 of which are “party drugs”, specifically designed to keep the user awake and partying until dawn. 

The best known varieties of synthetic drugs are ecstasy, LSD’s, Poppers, cocaine 2CB, otherwise known as “pink cocaine” and ketamine, which is more commonly used in veterinary medicine to put animals to sleep. 



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