Lawsuit filed to remove Uribe from Senate

Posted on Mar 20 2014 - 8:47pm by Rico
Alvaro Uribe Velez

A lawsuit has been put before the Colombian State Council to revoke Alvaro Uribe’s election as senator amid claims that illegal measures were used to gain the seat. 

The lawsuit was filed by lawyer Jose Leonardo Ramirez, who stated that ex-President Alvaro Uribe’s election into the Senate, on behalf of the right-wing Democratic Centre (Centro Democratico – CD), was unlawful. Leonardo pointed out that Uribe currently has 286 cases held against him within the Prosecution and Investigation Commission, of the House of Representatives. 

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Uribe also had a criminal complaint filed against him with the Prosecutor General’s Office by Congressman Ivan Cepeda.

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According to the lawsuit, the election of Uribe “violates the law and collective interest of administrative morality, and according to the 286 complaints against him to omit these facts within the electoral system is an attack against morality.”

Leonardo’s lawsuit requests that the State Council nullifies the election of Senator Uribe immediately as well as revoking his place on the National Civil Registry.

The document also mentions challenges filed by the Prosecutor General’s Office for alleged links with paramilitary groups in the state of Antioquia, “which he has ignored, engaging in politics and mocking the law.”

In the elections held on March 9, Uribe received over 2 million votes in his bid on behalf of the Democratic Centre movement.


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