‘FARC attack’ kills 2 soldiers, wounds 2 civilians

Posted on Mar 27 2014 - 7:47pm by Rico
Military Attack

Two soldiers were killed and two civilians injured in an attack by the country’s largest rebel group, the FARC, earlier on Thursday in southeastern Colombia.

The army’s sixth division confirmed that two soldiers were killed and both a male and female civilian were injured when the FARC attacked with explosives, reported El Espectador.

The attack happened in the Amazonas department in the municipality of Puerto Santander, where the FARC guerrilla set off an explosive charge as the army patrol passed by.

El Espectador reported that the area had been sealed off whilst a search is underway for any more hidden explosives.

Despite ongoing peace talks between the government and the FARC, which began in November 2012 in Havana, Cuba, President Juan Manuel Santos has refused to call a ceasefire, saying that the FARC would use the opportunity to regroup and rearm.

MORENo ceasefire with FARC until peace accord reached: Santos

So far, the peace talks have yielded an agreement regarding land reform and  political participation. The delegations are currently working to reach a deal concerning illicit drugs. 


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