Colombia’s Inspector General investigates Bogota public transport riots

Posted on Mar 7 2014 - 2:18pm by Rico
Protest Transmilenio

Colombia’s Inspector General’s said Thursday he is investigating public transport protests in Bogota suddenly turned violent on Tuesday.

The Inspector General’s Office (IG) released a statement confirming it has requested information from both Bogota’s Metropolitan Police force and the manager of the capital’s public transport service as it investigates the protests which turned to violent clashes Tuesday.

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The office is responsible for monitoring the conduct of government agencies and public authorities and has asked the National Police to provide a report  ”on the measures taken by the institution over alleged attacks caused by the anti-riot police.”

The IG has also requested information from the public service provider regarding the steps it has taken to address the situation.

The protests began Tuesday of this week as the citizens of Bogota expressed the widespread discontent with the state of Transmilenio, the city’s public transport service. The service was temporarily halted and violent clashes eventually erupted leaving 30 injured and 8 arrests.

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