Colombian Film Festival in New York City announces official film selection

Posted on Mar 7 2014 - 2:18pm by Rico

The Colombian Film Festival has announced the official films to be showcased at the upcoming festival in New York City, including a wide array of prominent titles that will be reviewed by an international panel of judges. 

Films shown at the Colombian Film Festival


  • Chronicles of the End of the World
  • Simone
  • My Mothers Tits
  • Mateo
  • 8 Shots
  • Dust on the Tongue
  • Gallows Hill
  • Default
  • The Lighthouse
  • All for One
  • Chasing Fireflies
  • Mistime
  • Anima
  • Field of Amapolas


  • Looking For
  • Accordion’s Voyage
  • The Eternal Night of the Twelve Moons
  • Requiem N.N.

Short films

  • Solecito
  • My Grandmother
  • Animalario
  • That Music
  • El Tiple
  • The Magnificent Lion Boy
  • The Stereo Street
  • River

Colombian actresses Paola Turbay and Carolina Guerra presented the selection of 14 fiction films, four documentaries, 20 short films and three Latino blockbusters at the American Society and Council of the Americas office in New York City.

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The festival will open with the acclaimed film “Default” directed by the Cali-born filmmaker Simon Brand — the thriller is set in Africa and centers on an American news crew that have their plane hijacked by Somali pirates who were the main focus of their reportage.

In the fiction category, titles include the animated Colombian-Uruguayan film, “Anina” directed by Alfredo Soderguit, the drama-filled “Chasing Fireflies” and Colombian director Juan Carlos Melo’s “Garden of Poppies.”

The documentary section will feature films such as the Colombian “La Eterna Noche de las Doce Lunas” by the director Priscilla Padilla and the “El Viaje del Acordeon” documentary by Andrew Tucker.

On March 30, the festival will close with a special appearance by young director Ruben Mendoza and his new film, “Tierra en la Lengua,” will premiere for the first time in the US.

The selected 47 films will be judged by an international panel of prestigious film critics and prominent talents in the business, including the triple Oscar-wining director, Christopher Newman and New York Times columnist and scriptwriter, Silvana Paternostro.

During the festival, the Colombian actor Gustavo Angarita, known for films such as “The Strategy of the Snali” and “The Maximum Penalty,” will be rewarded the lifetime achievement award for his prominent career in the cinematic industry.

The winners of the categories of short films, documentaries and fiction will receive a bronze statuette designed by the award-winning Colombian sculptor, Nadin Ospina at an award ceremony on March 29 in the famous Tribeca Cinemas.

The festival will take place on March 25 and go through the 30 at the Tribeca Cinemas in New York City.


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