Colombian Authorities Seize 360 Kilos of Cocaine

Posted on Mar 12 2014 - 4:45am by Rico

Members of the Technical Investigation of the Colombian Attorney”s Office, in cooperation with the Army, located 360 kilos of cocaine on a farm near the northern city of Santa Marta, in the Magdalena department. The cargo, found in the town of Don Jaca, was camouflaged in three metal cylinders ready to be placed on a coal ship in a port town of Cienaga, Caracol Radio Station reported.

During the raid on the farm Capikua, four men were arresyed guarding the place and are in the hands of the prosecution now.

On 7 March the Prosecutor issued a preventive measure against five people in Santa Marta who were caught in the Caribbean Sea, heading to Central America, with a cargo of more than 430 kilos of cocaine.