Colombia tax agency says it’s 7000 auditors short

Posted on Mar 25 2014 - 10:14pm by Rico
Juan Ricardo Ortega

The director of Colombia’s tax collection agency has called for a 70% increase in the number of tax auditors in order to be able to effectively combat tax evasion.Juan Ricardo Ortega, who heads Colombia’s tax agency DIAN said that there are still nine decrees of a 2012 tax reform to be implemented, including many issues of culture change, changes to electronic billing and card tax — and no new people to do it with.

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An increase in the number of auditors is needed to ensure that no tax-evaders can “sleep soundly.”

“I do not have enough people, we are working with nails and have no way to do more. We are in survival mode, doing what we have to do, but we lack people,” he told Colombia’s El Pais newspaper on Tuesday.

In 2013, Colombia’s tax take was $53 million, up from $35 million in 2010, thanks to increased enforcement of tax regulations.

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DIAN has had its own problems with crime in recent years.

Last year, tax officers were accused of falsely claiming millions of dollars worth of tax receipts.

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