Colombia prosecutors to examine Santos’ computer in hacking case

Posted on Mar 4 2014 - 10:38am by Rico

A unit from Colombia’s Prosecutor General’s Office will examine President Juan Manuel Santos’ computers which were allegedly hacked by unknown parties who intercepted more than a thousand personal emails, local media reported on Tuesday.

As investigations into the allegedly illegal wiretapping by a Military Intelligence unit continue, the Prosecutor General’s forensics unit (CTI) will inspect Santos’ computer two weeks after the head of state claimed to have had over 1,000 personal and family emails intercepted, two of which had been leaked to El Tiempo newspaper and Semana magazine.

Preliminary information has indicated that the examination of the president’s computers were initiated to clarify the investigation and verify those responsible for the interceptions, Bogota radio station Santa Fe reported.

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The Prosecutor General’s Office — through a Human Rights Unit — is conducting the examination of the president’s case with an additional request by Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon made to members of the international community to assist in the investigation, Caracol Radio reported.

Pinzon, who stated the case to be of “a delicate nature” has requested the assistance of Spain, France, Israel and South Korea in the case.

Although president Santos hinted that those responsible for the interceptions were political opponents trying to derail his re-election campaign in Colombia’s upcoming Presidential elections, critics point to the ongoing wiretapping scandal which implicates the Military’s Intelligence Unit.

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The scandal, which was revealed in early February, has already seen the dismissal of top Military officials and forced Defense Minister Pinzon to appear before congress to clarify questions over the matter.

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