Colombia presidential voting card is created

Posted on Mar 31 2014 - 7:48pm by Rico

The presidential candidates for Colombia’s presidential election have been assigned positions upon the official voting cards of the first election round that is set for May 25.

The “lottery” process for the voting card positions took place in Bogota’s Hotel Tequendama on Monday. According to a governmental press release, five cubes with photos of each presidential candidate were placed in a black bag, and members of the public were invited to pull each cube out of the bag in succession. Delegates from each of the five presidential candidates were present throughout the process.

Although selecting voting card positions is a formality, the first place on the ballot is usually most desired.

Presidential candidates in ballot order

pic1 Clara Lopez
pic2 Marta Lucia Ramirez
pic3 Juan Manuel Santos
pic4 Enrique Peñalosa
pic5 Oscar Ivan Zuluaga

The Democratic Pole candidate Clara Lopez took first box place on the voting card, and the Conservative Party candidate Marta Lucia Ramirez was placed second, while the coalition candidate, current president Juan Manuel Santos, took third position.

Green Alliance candidate Enrique Peñalosa was placed in the fourth box, and Democratic candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga was in the fifth.

The last box was left blank for any voters who wish to cast an empty, or “blank” vote.

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The names and photographs of all candidates are accompanied by their party’s logo.

It will cost an estimated $9000 USD to print the 30 million voting cards, according to National Registrar Carlos Ariel Sanchez. The cards will be distributed two weeks before elections, to both Colombian residents and Colombian citizens living abroad.


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