Colombia Facil releases new and improved travel guide

Posted on Mar 12 2014 - 10:28am by Rico

Colombia Facil, a free bilingual tourist guide, has published its second pocket addition after extensive feedback from both locals and tourists.

The guide, measuring an impressive 10 by 15 centimeter, contains tourist information about dozens of destinations for both backpackers and adventure travelers who want to explore the lesser known Colombia.

“We really hope to help both the independent traveler on a shoestring budget and the adventure traveler that for example wants to visit the Chiribiquete national park in the Amazon jungle accompanied by an established tour operator,” Belgium’s Inge Swinnen told Colombia Reports.

According to the publisher, the changes and improvements made in the second edition were mostly due to generous feedback given by both Colombian and foreign travelers.

Bilingual feedback

“The feedback on the first edition was quite positive, but also showed there was a lot that could improve,” said Swinnen. “I learned a lot,” she added.

“Additionally, people have come to me saying ‘hey, I was just in Medellin and I found this one thing I think you should add to the guide’. I think that is really cool,” said Swinnen.

According to the Belgian expat, the feedback resulted in a more detailed map of Colombia’s national territory and improved navigation through the guide’s content.

“We’ve also added photos to each of the mentioned destinations so travelers really have an impression of what their possible next stop is like,” said the Belgian.

New featured destinations

  • Alejandria, Antioquia
  • Amaga, Antioquia
  • Jardin, Antioquia
  • La Cocha Lake, Nariño
  • Villavicencio, Meta

Colombia Facil's regionalized map

Colombia Facil’s regionalized map

More destinations than before

“There’s also more destinations like Jardin and Alejandria in [the state of] Antioquia, and we have added Quito in Ecuador and Panama City to the guide because we noticed a lot of travelers did not know how best to cross the border to get to their next destination country, said Swinnen.

According to the Belgian publisher, a vast number of travelers are not sure what the best way is to enter Colombia from for example Panama.

“The guide explains clearly how to get to Colombia when in a neighboring country and it helps you figure out, for example, what the best way is to get to the Amazon river or the Ecuadorean capital Quito,” Swinnen said.

The Colombia Facil guide is bilingual and offers tourist information to both English and Spanish-speaking travelers. Additionally, said Swinnen, the improved navigation has helped even the most inexperienced Colombia traveler.

“My mother in law is almost 70, but is proud of herself because she’s able to travel in Colombia independently, using the guide,” Swinnen said.

The guide can be found in hostels, eco-lodges, tour operator offices, language schools, and dive centers throughout Colombia and costs COP3,000 ($1.50).

Travelers who want to use the mobile version of the travel guide are able to read it on the Colombia Facil website.


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