Uribe’s Democratic Center party announces presidential running mate

Posted on Feb 28 2014 - 3:38pm by Rico
Carlos Holmes Trujillo (Photo: El Pueblo)

The Democratic Center, the party of former President Alvaro Uribe, selected former Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo as the running mate of presidential candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga for Colombia’s upcoming elections.

Trujillo was beaten to the presidential candidacy by Zuluaga back in October 2013, but has remained an active role within the patry as the campaign manager of the “Uribistas.”

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Trujillo has held numerous posts within Colombian politics. One of his most notable roles was to be one of the first publicly elected mayors in 1988 as well as spells as interior and education minister. He has also been Colombia’s ambassador to the Austria, Russia and the United Nations.

Pre-election polls indicate that Zuluaga has a tough task in defeating current president Juan Manuel Santos as his proportion of intentional votes has dropped from 13 to 8% since December 2013 compared to Santos’ share which currently stands at 31%

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Colombian voters will go to the polls for real on May 25 to choose their country’s next president.


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