FARC-EP Rejects Colombian Radio Reports

Posted on Feb 21 2014 - 1:56am by Rico

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- Peoples Army (FARC-EP) rejected today a report released here accusing its leadership and spokespersons of planning and designing criminal behavior from Colombia and Venezuela. In a communiqué posted on the Internet, in which they refer to revelations made by local Blu Radio station, the insurgents said that “the revelations are based on the alleged tapping of phones, e-mails and other media by FARC-EP.”

The revelations were released by the radio station “without the least attempt to verify its authenticity or veracity, which we won’t hesitate to condemn as crude falsifications and manipulations by the Colombian intelligence services,” said the guerrilla group.

FARC-EP said these assertions coincide with recent announcement of advances on the issue of drug trafficking and illicit used crops, currently under discussion in the talks with the Colombian government that arise optimism among all Colombians who long for a political solution to armed conflict.

The guerrilla said they are trying to prevent the parties in dialogue from continuing making progress in finding peace and to divert the attention about the real interests of most Colombian military commands “that insist on going on with a war that enriches and degrades them to the detriment of millions of Colombians.”