Colombian senate candidate claims receiving death threats

Posted on Feb 26 2014 - 8:03am by Rico
Roberto Jairo Jaramillo

A congress candidate from Colombia’s Liberal Party claimed on Tuesday he has received death threats allegedly sent from allies of political rivals.

Roberto Jaramillo received messages on his cell phone that told him to “withdraw from the Quindio vote or we will withdraw you. Do it for yourself, do it for your children. Do not look for certain death.”

The candidate is a representative from the state of Quindio in Colombia’s iconic coffee region.

Jaramillo told newspaper El Espectador that during election time, Quindio is targeted with “doubts and vandalism…in many cases, led by the middle management of campaigns.”

Death threats aimed at politicians are not an uncommon practice in Colombia.  At the beginning of February, a number of high ranking political figures received death threats from paramilitary group the Black Eagles (Aguilas Negras).

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The International Office for Human Rights Action in Colombia criticized the government Monday stating “there are no guarantees for political opposition in Colombia.”

The statement was released in response to the attempted assassination of presidential candidate Aida Avella on Sunday and the kidnapping of a candidate of another smaller party, the MIRA.

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