Colombian President calls for longer political terms but no re-elections

Posted on Feb 25 2014 - 4:54pm by Rico
Juan Manuel Santos (Photo: President's Office)

The President of Colombia suggested on Tuesday a new initiative of longer political terms and a ban on re-elections.

Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, has proposed to extend the terms of current governors and mayors for two additional years, to coincide with the Presidential elections in 2018.

Santos proposed to extend political terms for all regional leaders to five or six years but instigating a ban on re-election. The current Colombian president will continue his re-election campaign.

In the speech given at National Conference for Municipalities in Bogota, President Santos stated that it was “a mistake putting the periods of the National Government in different time periods to the departmental and municipal government.” Current regional leaders should extend their terms until 2018 to coincide with national re-elections.

Santos argues that: “when there is a new mayor, they take a while to engage, to approve plans and decide how it will run. Then a new government comes in halfway through their term, the government has to engage and decide how it will run; making it very different to coordinate and execute any plans for development and change.”

The new initiative would seek to improve the efficiency of political powers nationwide by giving them more time to work in collaboration.

Santos will present the legislation to congress if he becomes re-elected.

President Santos urged the Colombian people to help to make it possible as “the evidence is clear that it was a mistake to have designed the period of mayors and governors to not coincide. We must correct it.”


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