Colombian named as Innovator of the Year

Posted on Feb 21 2014 - 12:03pm by Rico
Daniel Cuatas

A Colombian national has been named as Innovator of the Year at the world renowned EmTech conference sponsored by MIT Techonology Review Magazine.

Colombian Daniel Cuartas has been awarded the prize of Innovator of the Year for his incredible invention which allows those with severely limited body movements, such as quadriplegics, to control everyday objects such as a light with just their eyes.

His invention – “the pupil tracker” – follows the movement of the subjects eye and responds accordingly.  His invention was described as “more efficient and less expensive” at 90% cheaper than most others on the market.

Colombian investigator Adelaida Gomez has also been recognised for her new viewpoint on how we predict the effectiveness of certain medicines. was awarded the Social Innovator prize.

Isabel Perez, spokeswoman for EmTech Colombia told Colombia.inn that “Colombia is very well developed around the theme of entrepreneurship, investment, and growing the ecosystem,” stressing it as the reason why Medellin is hosting the conference for the second time after hosting the first Latin American edition in 2012.

The spokeswoman insisted that Colombia is exemplary for its “support of innovation” and understands the need for collaboration between public and private institutions in order to promote the technology sector.

During the event, 30 technology entrepreneurs from seven different countries, including 18 from Colombia, presented their innovative ideas to a panel of experts.


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