Colombia Supreme Court upholds murder sentence for fugitive paramilitary

Posted on Feb 19 2014 - 7:23pm by Rico

Colombia’s Supreme Court confirmed the sentence of one of the country’s most prominent former paramilitary leaders on Tuesday, according to national media reports.

Miguel Serrano, alias “Megateo,” had previously been convicted for the 2004 assassination of former paramilitary chief Carlos Castaño, but fled to Ecuador in 2007, where he was captured in October of 2013.

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The longtime fugitive will now be made to serve out the entirety of his 40-year sentence for aggravated murder, forced disappearance and conspiracy, after the Supreme Court ruled against a 2010 appeal filed on his behalf by his defense team.

Serrano was himself a high-ranking official of the now-defunct AUC paramilitary umbrella, and was wanted in connection with the April 2004 murder of AUC Chief Carlos Castaño.


Serrano has been convicted of sending 20 of his troops to ambush Castaño, at the orders of the paramilitary leader’s brother, Vicente. Castaño was meant to be taken alive, but was killed in the ensuing fight.

Serrano should not be confused with the other “Megateo,” a commander in the EPL rebel group and wanted narcotrafficker.


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