Colombia calls on Ukraine to find a peaceful solution to mass protests

Posted on Feb 21 2014 - 12:03pm by Rico
(Photo: Washington Post)

The Colombian Foreign Ministry has joined a number of nations across the world in expressing “deep” concerns over the recent violent clashes that has gripped the eastern European country of Ukraine in recent weeks. 

Hundreds have been injured and at least 77 killed in escalating confrontations between the Ukranian government and protesters that have shut down much of the capital of Kiev in recent weeks.

“In this situation it is important that both parties resort to dialogue and agree on a roadmap to enable a political solution to this crisis,” read the statement released by the Foreign Ministry Friday.

The Colombian government also called on their Ukrainian counterparts to ensure “the safety of human rights and fundamental freedoms of its citizens.”

The announcement came just as President Viktor Yanukovich announced early elections Friday, as reported by Reuters, which has been said to bring a temporary lull to the violence in the country.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos made similar comments regarding the official crackdown against anti-government protests in Venezuela.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro responded by questioning Colombia’s legitimacy to criticize his country.

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At least 8 people were killed, and various hundreds of others injured or detained without pretense as a result of government action during the nationwide agrarian strikes that gripped much of Colombia during August and September of last year.


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