Colombia 2013 birth rate down as death rate rises

Posted on Dec 31 2013 - 11:48am by Editor
(Photo: Diario de la Region)

Colombia’s government reported Monday that the year’s birth rate had dropped, while the death rate increased, in comparison with the previous year.

The Notaries and Registry Superintendent Jose Velez said to Radio Santa Fe that the numbers showed a 2.19% decrease, passing from 439,782 to 430,170 in 2013.

The states of Santander and Antioquia reported the steepest drop, reporting 21.1% and 20.3% respectively.

In regards to the death rate, the Registry of Civil Deaths reported a 4.58% increase in the country’s death rate when compared to the previous year, reporting 132,763 in 2012, and passing to 138,839 in 2013.

The state with the highest rate of death rate increase was Antioquia where the death rate increased by 6.2%.


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