FARC-EP Rejects Military Law Reform by Colombian Congress

Posted on Dec 14 2012 - 2:57pm by Rico

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP) rejected today in this capital the constitutional reform to the military code approved by the Colombian Congress, which considers a step towards impunity.

More images in: PhotosPL Shortly before beginning a new round of peace talks with the government at the Havana’s Conference Center, the guerrillas issued a statement, read by Yuri Camargo, in which condemned the decision adopted on Tuesday, December 11, that according to supporters “it seeks to give legal certainty to the members of the Armed Forces and the Police.”

This reform is against the interests of victims from State terrorism that open the military jurisdiction ignoring the national and international outrage of those who warn a faciliting impunity, the text states.

According to the FARC-EP, it paves the way to leave unpunished those responsible for “more than 3,500 false positives (extrajudicial executions) or civilians killed by militaries.”

The Colombian government and congress people attribute the jurisdiction to the intention “for safeguarding the military institution” while the United Nations and human rights organizations question it.

President Juan Manuel Santos said yesterday that there is no longer extrajudicial executions, the so-called false positives, in the South American nation.

In the continuation of the peace talks in Havana, with Cuba and Norway as guarantors, the government delegation maintained its traditional silence in front of the press attending the event, to cover the talks aimed at ending decades of armed conflict.

Meanwhile, the communication equipment accompanying the Government group told reporters that the dialogue will enter a new recess tomorrow.

The roundtable will resume from December 19 to 21 and then it will have a new recess until next year, the source said.

A forum on comprehensive agricultural development, from which not only Santos’s cabinet but also the FARC-EP expect proposals and criteria of the society, useful for the peace process, will begin on Monday, December 17, in Bogota.