(Photo: Alcaldia de Bogotá)

1,400 Colombian soldiers from the Thirteenth Brigade have arrived in Bogota to help bolster the military police and the Presidential Guard Battalion, reported local media.

The Thirteenth Brigade Commander, Jorge Humberto Jerez, explained that the new soldiers will be responsible for administrative, environmental and safety activities, and will play a role in supporting the work carried out by the National Police, who are the primary security force in the city.

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The interim mayor of Bogota, Rafael Pardo, announced Monday that city officials will work together to dismantle criminal gangs in the city. “We have located 65 organized criminal gangs,” he said, adding that police are monitoring gang behavior and have already disbanded 19 gangs so far.

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According to W Radio, Pardo also confirmed that every Friday the Bogotá Metropolitan Police will receive an update of the most sought criminal gangs, as part of a strategy to to capture the members of these gangs.


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