A 14-year-old girl on Sunday night leaped to her death from the ninth story of her apartment complex in the southwestern Colombian city of Cali after her father overruled her plans for plastic surgery.

According to a preliminary police investigation it suggests that the tragic suicide followed a family quarrel over the daughter’s request for liposuction. Her father’s disapproval supposedly led her to throw herself from the family’s ninth story balcony.

This is the fourth reported suicide to occur in Cali so far in 2013. All four have involved victims jumping off balconies.

On January 19, a man who was HIV positive jumped from the seventh storey balcony of the Hospital Universitario del Valle; a few days later, on the 22nd, a man lunged from the fifth floor of a clinic on the north side of the city; and last Thursday, the 24th, an American retiree jumped from the seventh floor of a clinic located on the south side.

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