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Colombia’s National Training Service (SENA) has welcomed 102 bilingual volunteers from English-speaking countries to teach their native language to thousands of students in Colombia’s vocational education sector, according to a report on SENA’s website on Thursday.

Bilingual volunteers from countries such as Canada, Australia, the US, and the UK are expected to educate more than 4,500 students while “strengthening the activities” of more than 800 instructors who already work for SENA.

Addressing the newly-arrived foreign volunteers, SENA Director Fernando Rojas said, “I encourage you to enjoy, starting from now, the experience of transforming the lives of young people with training and equal opportunity.”

According to Rojas, the volunteers will be dispersed throughout the country, to programs in the states of Tolima, Antioquia, and Valle del Cauca.

Each team will teach for a maximum of two hours per day to no more than 25 students while each team member will have a 40-hour weekly commitment to their respective training centers.

The 102 international volunteers will be joining 105 others who arrived in Colombia in January of this year.

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