Colombia’s Institute for Social Economy (IPES) will provide 1,000 victims of armed conflict with training and education in accordance to their skills.

In addition, those who will benefit from the training and education from IPES’ Mision Bogota project will work as city guides in the nation’s capital. Mision Bogota is an initiative dedicated to assisting the city’s economically disadvantaged population between the age of 18 and 26.

The IPES aims to “design and develop productive alternatives […] [in order] to raise productivity and competitiveness of the economically vulnerable population in the city,” it says in its website.

The Mayor’s Office in Bogota will also provide informal businessmen and women from communities with low resources with the tools to become more competitive in their respective markets. They will receive education and technical training to create and strengthen their businesses, in an attempt to promote the right to work with conditions of equality and dignity.

By helping those from underserved communities, the IPES hopes to improve their participation in the city’s economy.

From Colombia Reports

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