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Army seizes ‘biggest ever’ ELN projectiles cache in northeast Colombia

Posted on: Mar 30 2015 - 2:52pm | #0
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The Colombian army said on Sunday that it had seized the biggest ever collection of home-made mortars belonging to rebel group ELN. The seizure consisted of 59 gas cylinders that rebel groups like the FARC and ELN use to attack security forces or oil infrastructure targets. According to the military, 31 of the found cylinders had already been equipped with an explosive substance. Twelve still had the original propane gas in them. The cylinders would found in a rural part of Jagua de Ibirico, a municipality in the northern Cesar department. The explosives and gas cylinders allegedly belonged to the Jose Manuel Martinez unit of the ELN that is active in the region. The rebel group is Colombia’s second largest after the FARC that, like...

Santos begins military base tour to seek support for peace talks

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Saturday began a tour of the country’s military barracks to explain ongoing peace talks with guerrilla group FARC and quell unrest about possible military cuts in the event of peace. Santos was accompanied by former Generals Jorge Enrique Mora and Oscar Naranjo, both negotiators at the table of discussion with the rebels...

Posted on: Mar 30 2015 - 2:52pm | #0
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Things Colombians Do That Americans Find Weird

Use phrases that translate into completely different meanings in English If a Colombian calls someone a “parce,” they are not...


Katy Perry announces Colombia gig

Global superstar Katy Perry is to perform in Colombia later this year, the singer announced. Perry will travel to the capital Bogota...

4.4 million Colombians lifted out of poverty in past 5 years: Santos

Some 4.4 million Colombians, or 9.2% of the population, rose out of poverty between 2009 and 2014, according to President Juan Manuel Santos. The president named Colombia as the Latin American country with the best performance in the fight against poverty, with the country’s rates of poverty lowering almost 10 points, and extreme poverty more than five points between 2010 and 2014. “We...

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Central Colombia mayor hires male strippers to celebrate International Women’s Day

The mayor of a town in central Colombia has become the center of controversy after hiring male strippers to perform at the...

In Last Decade Colombian Companies Have Invested More than US$750M in Costa Rica

Posted on: Mar 25 2015 - 9:11am | Comments Off
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Arturo Calle, located in Multiplaza Escaz, is just one some 70 Colombian companies that include Davivienda, Studio F and Lanco have invested in Costa Rica in the last decade.

TODAY COLOMBIA  – 38% of the colombian companies who have invested in the country are dedicated to services, 28% to industry, 11% to construction and 23% to tourism, commerce or agriculture, says a report by Proclombia. The service, food and manufacturing sectors are generating the most interest among Colombian investors, who in the last ten years have invested about US$750 million in Costa Rica. Data from Procolombia added that in the same period, the Costa Rica has invested just US$269 million in Colombia. Estimates from the Costa Rican Coalition for Development Initiatives (Coalición Costarricense de Iniciativas de Desarrollo – CINDE) indicate that “… The Colombians account for 33% of production and sales of paint,...


Rain, Hailstones And Ice Covered Bogota (Photos)

  TODAY CCOLOMBIA – Damaged roofs,  fallen trees, collapsed roads and destroyed power lines were the ravages left by Sunday’s hailstorm that hit some neighborhoods of Bogotá. The most affected were Santa Isabel, La Fragua and El Restrepo. The Bogota Fire Department reported that rainfall “generated water depths of between 15 and 20 inches...

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Colombia drug eradication debate revived as herbicide deemed carcinogen

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The new labeling of the world’s most-popular weed killer as a likely cause of cancer is raising more questions for an aerial spraying program in Colombia that is the cornerstone of the US-backed war on drugs. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a French-based research arm of the World Health Organization, has reclassified the herbicide glyphosate as a result of what it said is convincing evidence the chemical produces cancer in lab animals and more limited findings it causes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in humans. The ruling on Thursday is likely to send shockwaves around the globe, where the glyphosate-containing herbicide Roundup is a mainstay of industrial agriculture. In Colombia, there is an added political dimension stemming...

4 killed in combat between Colombia military and FARC

Three FARC guerrillas and one soldier were killed in combat in central Colombia, the military said Sunday. A fourth guerrilla surrendered. According to the army, a military patrol caught the guerrillas red-handed when collecting an extortion payment from a local farmer. The rebels called a unilateral ceasefire to support ongoing peace talks in December, but have...

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