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Ciudad Perdida (Lost City), Colombia

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COLOMBIA TRAVEL — The endangered city is hidden in the middle of the Colombian jungle, a few days’ hike from Santa Marta, the country’s oldest colonial town. Ancient jungle ruins include more than 200 structures (staircases, wide stone platforms) built by the Tairona people from the 8th to the 14th centuries. In order to preserve the archeological treasures, the Global Heritage Fund is helping locals develop environmental education programs, and is working to lessen tourism’s impact on the area. Meanwhile, Wiwa Tour , the only agency in Santa Marta that’s owned by indigenous peoples, offers four- to six-day treks through the area.   Source: ...


Colombia’s largest tourism operator abandons Pacific island after FARC attack

Colombia’s largest tourism operator, Aviatur, has suspended all operations on the Pacific island of Gorgona after a FARC attack over the weekend killed one policeman and injured six others. Gorgona was declared a national park in 1985, to safeguard the endemic species which inhabit the island, and has become an important eco-tourism destination. According to...

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Colombia walks away with 6 Latin Grammys

Five Colombian artists walked away with a total of six Latin Grammys at the musical ceremony Thursday. Two of the awards were for...


Colombia’s Carlos Vives favorite in Latin Grammys

Colombia pop singer Carlos Vives is among the favorites to win Singer of the Year in the 2014 Latin Grammys. Vives is the most nominated...

Liberal Party (Colombia)


Founded in 1848, Colombia’s Liberal party has been one of the prominent political organizations since the 19th century. It has shared power and conflict with Colombia’s...

Southwest Colombia indigenous demand army cease activities on their territory


An indigenous group from the violence-ridden southwest of Colombia demanded the Army withdraw from the town, in a statement also condemning an alleged death threat from the FARC’s naming 26 indigenous leaders as “military targets.” The leader of the Nasa group in Jambalo, Cauca, Lida Emilse Paz Labio, was one of those named in the FARC’s death threat. “We do not need the...

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Lucky to be alive: The girl was carrying more than 100 cocaine capsules

11 Year Old Girl Colombia’s ‘Youngest Ever Drug Mule’

COLOMBIA NEWS — An 11-year-old girl thought to be the world’s youngest drug mule has been stopped in  Cali...

Colombia’s 2014 economic growth to exceed world’s

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Colombia’s GDP growth rate is expected to be 4.9% by the end of 2014, exceeding the world average as it has done every year this century except 2010, according to the economics website Portfolio.  According to the IMF, global economic growth in 2014 is expected to be around 3.3%, slightly lower than the forecasts emitted at the beginning of the year. In 2013, Colombia’s GDP growth rate was 4.3%, while the global rate was just 2.4%, a disappointing peace of economic recovery. FACT SHEET: Colombia GDP statistics GDP growth rate   The chief economist of the BBVA bank in Colombia, Juana Tellez, believes that housing consumption and civil works will maintain the economic growth in the coming year. Despite these predictions, several government...


A ray of hope for Colombia’s water-deprived communities

Colombian academics and scientists have been teaming up with small communities to carry out successful potable water projects, in stark contrast to past and current state failures to improve the country’s water infrastructure. Colciencias, the government agency focused on science, technology, and innovation, has for the last two years been working directly...

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Porn actor Nacho Vidal to marry Colombia porn star in church

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Award-winning porn actor Ignacio Jorda (40), who using the stage name Nacho Vidal has starred in hundreds of porn films, is to marry Colombian porn star Franceska Jaimes (29) in church in the Spanish village where he grew up. The couple have starred in numerous films together with titles such as “Nacho Rides Again” and “Nacho Vidal Loves Franceska Jaimes.” They have had two children and were previously briefly married in a civil ceremony in Bogota in 2005 before divorcing. Vidal says they will marry in church for romantic rather than religious reasons, adding that while he believed in God he did not believe in the church. The couple are due to appear in a porn film together in London, although Jordá will continue to work with other...


Colombia FM meets with Venezuela’s Maduro to strengthen bilateral ties

The Foreign Minister of Colombian met with her Venezuelan counterpart and President Nicolas Maduro Wednesday to discuss border issues and strengthen commercial ties between the South American neighbors, according to government sources.  Minister Maria Angela Holguin reportedly discussed the topic of contraband with the Venezuelan leaders, which has been a sticky...

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